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"Natures Own!"

About Us

Landracer (Pty) Ltd, is the South African Master Distributor for Landracer CBD Solutions of the Netherlands.

With over 30 years of experience in the science of Industrial Hemp, Landracer is surely one of the leaders in this field. The award in Las Vegas in 2017 for Landracer being the Best New CBD Company in 2017, says it all!

Our team prides itself in delivering only the best to our customers globally, and now in South Africa.

From humble beginnings, Landracer has become a substantial player in this market and will not allow growth to influence our quality, and that is why our commitment to YOU includes independent verifiable laboratory analysis of every production batch of Hemp CBD Oil we produce.

All our Oils and Balms are produced from natural products cultivated in controlled environments without harmful pesticides, and exposure to toxins. The plants are not genetically modified to ensure pure end product delivery as well as no harm to humans.

Most importantly, ALL our products are of INDUSTRIAL HEMP ORIGIN and have a maximum of 0,0001% THC per dose, and thus will not make users "high or goofed".

Landracer products are based on an age-old proven recipe out of Sardinia, an island off Italy. For many years, this recipe was used by many a family, and is to this day respected by this island community . 

The original recipe has been combined with the latest technological developments in CBD production to produce this excellent product.........Landracer CBD.


Unfortunately Landracer has been stopped by Port Health under the instruction of SAHPRA in order to prove it is not a narcotic and it is actually what we say it is. Two shipments have been held up and we await an indication when they will be released. We look forward to a timeous conclusion!

PLEASE NOTE AGAIN: Landracer Does NOT contain THC or DELTA 9  that is a narcotic that makes you high or "goofed"!

According to the new Regulations by the South African Department of Health, CBD preparations may only have a maximum daily dose of 20 milligrams of CBD and have as little as 0,001% of THC per daily dose. All products that meet this requirement are Legal to trade in South Africa for the next 12 months as from the 23rd of May 2019. 

Landracer International has amended the dosage limits to meet these new regulations and we urge all our clients, agents and re-sellers to adhere to them accordingly for their own safety and well-being. 

Landracer is a Legally Sold Product for ALL to use!

Landracer remains committed to the Health and Wellness of all our patrons.

The information supplied herein is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained in or available through the marketing department is for general information purposes only. Landracer CBD Oil is not a substitute for prescribed medication and we therefore advise you to research CBD Oil before proceeding with its use. Do NOT stop any current medication without consulting your Doctor or Specialist First. CBD Oil is a Food Supplement ONLY, and therefore not a substitute for any prescribed medication. 


Bottle Details

Landracer CBD Oil Bottles contains 10ml per bottle, this equates ± 200 drops per bottle. We advise you to keep the bottle cool, dry and dark. The expiry date is stated on the packaging. You can keep your oil in the fridge for an extended period but we suggest not to freeze it. Shake well before use.

Do not exceed 20mg of CBD Per Daily Dosage.


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